Friday, March 04, 2005

First attempt at music writing: the blurbs

The following three blurbs appeared in the Noise Pop program, along with the feature I did on The Walkmen.

Micah P. Hinson

Texas-via-Memphis singer/songwriter Micah P. Hinson is known for world-weary tales you’d never expect from someone who’s only 22, but the sordid experiences he writes about are all genuinely his own. Hinson’s import-only debut full-length, Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress (Sketchbook), which was created with the help of The Earlies, combines his bittersweet lyrics and raspy, haunting voice with crisp, melancholy guitar that’s reminiscent of ‘60s folk. JESS HEMERLY

Howie Statland

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg may have taken the smoking out of NYC bars, but Lower East Side band New York City Smoke remain. Much like The Who, the band that continues to influence NYCSmoke, the gritty outfit’s frontman, Howie Statland, has done more during his career than simply release albums and play shows. Statland has been tending to a burning passion for music since the age of 8, when he started his formal music training on piano. A former member of Thin Lizard Dawn, he’s collarboarted with avant-garde composer Phillip Glass and written scores for independent films, most notably Low Flame—written by Statland himself—and NYCAria. NYCSmoke recently issued their self-released second full-length, Hearts & Stones. JESS HEMERLY


Richard Nixon and Gavin McInnes—the man behind the Vice media empire—have more in common than conservative political views: they’re both responsible for prolonging an endeavor with the name Vietnam. Fortunately it didn’t take the assassination of a president to keep Vice Records band Vietnam going, just three guys with a zealous dedication to invading and pacifying the American rock scene. The native Texans, armed with powerful guitars, heartfelt lyrics and bluesy rhythms, are currently supporting their debut EP, The Concrete’s Always Greener on the Other Side of the Street. JESS HEMERLY

Obviously the Vietnam blurb is my favorite because it's so ridiculous.

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