Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hugh G. Rection

From the San Francisco Chronicle via Jason the Scientist:
And finally: First, the big new Federal Building in San Francisco was late and over budget. Then workers complained about needing sunglasses and umbrellas indoors to shield them from the glaring sun.

Now comes word about another bit of embarrassment at the $144 million "green" behemoth at Seventh and Mission streets.

Officials recently installed four giant, stainless-steel plaques near the entryway in recognition of the many planners, architects and others who helped make the eco-friendly building possible.

Only it wasn't long before office workers were making pilgrimages to the wall - and snickering at the engraved name of one "Hugh G. Rection."

That plaque is now gone. Of course, so are all the others, temporarily - seems they were installed crooked.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Gender Card

Amazing job juxtaposing Fox News comments on Democrats with Fox News comments on Republicans in the same situations. It's truly brilliant.