Thursday, July 08, 2004

October Surprise!


it is not nearly as conspiratorial as the Bush Administration producing bin laden in october, but you still may need a bit of tin foil.

so you know how Tom Ridge just said that THE INFIDELS ARE DEFINITELY PLANNING AN ATTACK BEFORE THE ELECTIONS?!?! there is intelligence but no SPECIFICS. right?

there will be no attack this summer. but in october, they'll announce that they thwarted the most potentially heinous terrorist attack in history, and lay out all the details of said attack -- but really, this "specific intelligence" will all be made up by the Administration, a brilliant work of fiction like something Stephen Glass would produce... hell, maybe they already have Glass and Jayson Blair working behind the scenes...

but anyway people will buy it even though it's all totally bogus and false, and the Admin will return to HERO status like after 9/11 because they saved us all. "WE SAVED YOU FROM THE BAD BAD ARAB MEN" tom ridge and george w. will say. and then the moronic people of this nation will be like "omfg we are in danger we can't lose dubya and this awesome leadership" and, like lambs to the slaughter, will elect dubya in november.

yes. that could be the october surprise.


David said...

Jess... conspiracy theorist extraordinnaire!

kizzy said...

hmmm conspiracy therorist....or just awake.

- I vote for awake.

p.e. I vote as well. Nader for VP!!

Anonymous said...

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