Monday, June 21, 2004

On Ireland, Nader, and Shady Magazines

Thanks to a nod from a buddy at, the people are reading. I should make an effort to update this blog more frequently and continue to write about things with a big more social weight than what I had for breakfast (which, for the record, is usually nothing) and the other trivial information I tend to note in my LiveJournal. I will do my best... just keep reading!

In the news today, Ralph Nader has announced his running mate selection for the upcoming presidential election. From the Nader for President 2004 press release:
Peter Camejo (64) is a financier, businessman, political activist, environmentalist, author and one of the founders of the socially responsible investment movement. Camejo is Chair of the Board of Progressive Asset Management of California an investment firm he founded in 1987. Mr. Camejo is a first generation American of Venezuelan decent who was born in New York in 1939. He has fought for social and environmental justice since his teens. He marched in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. rallied for migrant farm workers and was active against the war in Vietnam. His most recent run for office was as a Green Party candidate in the gubernatorial recall election in California. His participation in the debates in that election resulted in him speaking to a worldwide audience.

"Camejo shares my concerns for economic and social justice as well as the urgent need to protect our environment. He recognizes the disparity of treatment between the rich and poor in the United States as well as the negative impact of corporate control of our government on our environment, health care, working conditions, democracy and culture. Camejo has also been a long-term opponent of the war and occupation in Iraq and the lock-step pro-Israel policy of the United States when it comes to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli issue," noted Nader. "His work in advancing socially responsible investment shows his understanding of how we can work within our economic system to advance social justice. Finally, Peter has shown himself to be skilled in political debate and I look forward to seeing him debate Vice President Cheney and Senator’ Kerry’s running mate."

Active in the environmental movement, Mr. Camejo has served as a member of the Board of Directors of EarthShare in the early 1990s – a coalition of over 40 major environmental groups—and on the Council for Responsible Public Investment which he founded. He also helped form the Environmental Justice Fund, to finance and unify environmentalists of color. From 1999 to 2002, served for three years as a county-appointed trustee of the three billion dollar Contra Costa County Employees Retirement Association. In the early 1990s, he was appointed by the Lt. Governor of Hawaii to be an advisor to the Hawaii Capital Stewardship Forum. He is the author of "The SRI Advantage- Why Socially Responsible Investing Has Outperformed Financially" (2001), "Racism Revolution Reaction 1861-1877," (1976) as well as other books.

Allow the conjecture to begin. Did Nader choose a mainstay in the realm of environmental activism in order to draw support from the Green Party? Is this a tactical move, hoping that the Green Party officially call him "their" candidate so that he can more easily get on ballots? Probably.

Additionally, The Boston Globe reports that anti-American sentiment in Ireland has been mounting throughout the course of the last four years which, coincidentally, happens to be the term of the Bush presidency. Go figure. According to former Dublin bureau chief Kevin Cullen, "There were about 10,000 demonstrators when Reagan visited Ireland; Irish police say they are preparing for at least 10 times that number next week." We have a few more months left before the November elections. I'm taking bets now on how many more foreign relationships the Bush Administration can damage before election day.

In completely unrelated news, if you've ever found Maxim too boring, the Onion too "bland," and Playboy too outdated, or if you long for the days of Spy and National Lampoon, or if you wish you could carry the comedy stylings of the likes of MAD TV, Howard Stern, and South Park with you at all times, then apparently Raven: Humor for Men is the magazine for you. I have neither heard of this magazine nor have I seen it on a newsstand anywhere, and the website isn't terribly informative. I discovered this little gem via my newest obsession, Craigs List. The CL post sounded intriguing, so I checked out their website, and found a page containing samples (possibly not safe for work, if your boss likes to peer over your shoulder intensely). But it's shady. There is no information like the name of the publisher or even a general contact number. There are, however, a bunch of quotes from the likes of Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair. I searched the New Republic site for Mr. Glass's supposed review and, as I suspected, turned up no results, made-up reporting or otherwise. And there is no such person as David Manning listed on the staff page of Ridgefield Press. After doing a little further investigation into Mr. Manning, I found this article on E! Online. According to the 2001 E! article, David Manning is a fake critic previously used by Sony to boost their films with favorable ratings. He is fictional. You can subscribe to Raven magazine online, but the website shows no phone number for subscription/circulation sales. I decided a Google search might tell me more, but all I got were a bunch of links to goth blogs and forums. So I Googled the parent company, Energize Media, Inc. and learned only that "energize media" is an overused marketing phrase. In short, I don't think this magazine really even exists. Are people so pathetic that they'd pull a prank like this just to fish for stories to tack their name on and send to other publications? And, more importantly, are there people out there who have subscribed to this seemingly non-existent magazine? Or is this all part of finding "funny" writers?


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